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Blogpost #47

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    • It looks like me and it shows that I am quiet.
  • I am Poem - 

I Am

by Holly Furgerson

I am

creative and confident

I wonder

how do others act when I'm not around

I hear

voices in my head telling me what to do.

I see

friends surrounding me

I want

to be the friend of everyone

I am

creative and confident

I pretend

to be happy when I'm sad

I feel

happy when others are around

I touch

my computer

I worry

when others are worried

I cry

when someone cries

I am

creative and confident

I understand

how others need help

I say

that the world don't make a lick of sense.

I dream

to be tall one day

I try

to prove myself

I hope

to prove others wrong

I am

creative and confident


  1. Hi Holly!
    What a beautiful poem you just wrote about yourself:: it's like the mirror of a blue water lake where you may lean over and fecognize yourself.
    I appreciate a quiet person; the book of Susan Cain taught me a lot about myself too:
    I welcome you to the Student Blogging Challenge and have the privilege to be at your service as a commenter.

    1. Hello, Ines!

      Thank you for reading my post! I'm glad someone was able to!


  2. Hi Holly,
    I was so happy to read your answer!
    I have been looking for the meaning of your name, but as my Dictionary of names is in French, I couldn’t find it. Only in Wikipedia I read it could be related with the Holly Tree we use for Christmas Decorations. Do you know anything about the origin of your name?
    I apologize for the spelling mistake: “recognize “, where I put an “f” in the first message.
    I loved in your Poem how your expressed hearing “Voices in your head “as how your creative intuition guides your action towards this amazing life goal that is you being confident enough to understand “how others need help” and wish to “be the friend of everyone”.
    Ines - teacher in Portugal

  3. Ines,
    My name came from a berry, the Holly Berry, associated with Christmas, because my birthday is December 31! I was going to be named Angel, but my mom liked Holly better!
    Thanks again for reading my post. Holly


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